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Club Lotos is undoubtedly the most exclusive night club in Bydgoszcz. It’s a place where the spicy essence of the night intoxicates people craving for excitements with its unique taste. Style, class and subtle beauty enclosed in richly ornamented interiors will make you leave everyday life behind the threshold.

The extravagant angels will enchant you, take possession of your body, and serve you a true feast for the senses. If you need a bit of piquancy, we won’t leave you unsatisfied! Devilish beauty will enslave you in the world of infernal fulfillment!

Will you be able to resist the temptation of paradisal fruit of luxury and beauty? Don’t wait!

Become a sinner and let yourself sink into oblivion!

Contact: +48 52 322 22 99 or +48 52 321 25 38 Mob. +48 692 305 111


night club
You’ll forget about everyday troubles in the arms of our beautiful women.
We’ll prepare the relax, that you needed, sensations, which you will never forget.
We will provide you with sensations just as you like them, soft or very hard.
We offer classic, oral and anal sex, anything you want… and more.
night club
It is widely known, that every successfully finished business needs a celebration. If you and your business partners want to raise a toast, that will finish long and hard negotiations, or if you want to break the ice standing between you and your success, invite your business partners to Club Lotos. We can arrange an evening at our club according to your own preferences. The bar, supplied with finest alcohols and the company of women on the highest level, will most certainly appeal to the taste of even the most picky guests. Beautiful ladies in our club will turn the difficult professional issues into a mere formality. A contact with us will surely allow you to arrange the evening in accordance to your needs and preferences. A beautiful woman, her piercing gaze, intoxicating smell, sexy voice... breath... is there something more you need?
night club
There came a moment when you became a father, the head of the family. You know that this is the last moment for an unpunished outgoing with your friends, and to return home a bit tipsy. You don’t have time or any idea to prepare your meeting? You don’t have to worry about anything, we will take care of everything. Just tell your friends that you’ll meet at Club Lotos. There will be a rich menu of drinks and beautiful ladies to entertain you with their company waiting for you. If you don’t have the idea how to celebrate a birthday of a close person, or you just want to make yourself a gift, you’re in the right place. We’ll take care of every detail and your party will be unforgettable. We guarantee entertainment, for you and your guests, throughout the whole evening. We will serve a true feast for your senses. Professional dancers, richly ornamented interiors, select company, all this just for you!
night club
We have never met a man, who would be indifferent to the woman’s charm… If that’s what you seek, it’s within your grasp!
We offer:
• professional dancer duet
• erotic dance with various gadgets picked especially for the party
• shows inspired by clients’ ideas.
Do you seek for a nice change from casual, everyday sex? Do you want to experience something new, or fulfill your deepest dreams? Are you intrigued by a vision of great sex with beautiful women? You’ve came to the right place! At our club, you can make your deepest dreams come true in the company of two ladies without any inhibitions.
night club
In adult life, sexy gift. Let our ladies introduce you to the secrets of sex life.
Let the passion ignite your senses, let the m uncover the secrets of the land in front of him pleasure.
We invite young man.
night club
It is time to celebrate the beginning of a new, better phase of your life.
Especially for this occasion, we invite you to Club Lotos.
We will make sure that you get, exactly what you needed.
We will make your wildest fantasies, of which you never had the nerve to talk about with your partner, come true.
In our club, you’ll find out that it is sometimes worth to sin...


Extravagant angels will charm you will control your body and will serve a feast your senses.

Drink Bar

For our guests with well-stocked drink bar.


Are you creative and self-assured?

Do you love to seduce?

Do you have an experience in the business, or you would like to try your hand?

Send us your application form if you feel that you have something to offer.


E-mail: lotosklub@wp.pl Call us: +48 692 305 111


Night Club Lotos

ul.Racławicka 20
85-094 Bydgoszcz

tel. 52 322 22 99
tel. 52 321 25 38

We accept credit cards:
visa mastercard maestro

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EN This service contains erotic materials designed for adults.

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tel. +48 52 322 22 99